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Tucson Arizona - 520 886 1304     Ask for Rick. Shipping available from Arizona                                              

 Los Angeles Ca - 520 444 2758    Ask for Sherry. Arrangements for pick-up from Los Angeles, no shipping

Several litters expected in February and March in Arizona.

Two kittens, half brothers, below that we bred. Each achieved great wins in the 2014-2015 show season.

Below RW, SGC Mainesuspect Aristotle of Whatatrill, Coyote son owned by Janet Brown.

Below Coyote son by Yuma, IW, SGC Mainesuspect Tatoosh of CascadeMtn, owned by Susan and Blair Milburn. 

Ch Catgo Coyote Waits of Mainesuspect, our gorgeous girl who makes exquisite show cats.




Take a look at photos of our lovely Maine Coons in residence. 

CFA Grand Champion Aslanspaw Shasta Aloysius is pictured above, brown patched tabby and white. dob 6/17/13.




Cat Sitting on a Chair - Maine Coon Cattery

GCNW Tropikoons Hang Ten of Mainesuspect - nationally winning male from several year ago.

Member of the Maine Coon Breed Council of the Cat Fanciers’ Association™
& the Maine Coon Breeders and
Fanciers Association


Below, photo of our upcoming silver male,

Cronus Lone Ranger of Mainesuspect,

at 6 months and 13 lbs.

Meet CH Versus Silver Blaze, classic silver tabby and white from Yoko Noguhi. Big gorgeous gentle guy. We love him and he's expecting kittens with Coyote, Cupid and Painted Desert in Sept '15.

Who We Are

Enjoy the gentle company of a Maine Coon from Mainesuspect Maine Coons in Tucson, Arizona. Our small Maine Coon cattery breeds cats with extraordinary beauty, health, and temperament. Our kittens and four adult females live underfoot and are best buddies with our dogs. Boasting more than 20 years of experience and a great eye for detail, we know what we’re doing and work hard to please our clients. We find raising kittens to be the best part of our job.

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Contact our accommodating Maine Coon cattery in Greater Los Angeles area, to learn more about our precious kittens.

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